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Infrared Train Detection and Automated Controls

Welcome to the SKD Electronics Web Site.  We are an authorized distributor of Heathcote-Electronics Train Detection and Automated Controls.  We manufacture a range of units which automatically control signals, points and engine speeds together with a variable speed clock, relay and timer boards.

Our SA units have all the controls for a specific operation on the same board. An example is the SA4-S passing loop controller. This controls the two points and two starter signals of the passing loop together with the speed and direction of the train. Most units can be combined. This has resulted in units being used in ways we never envisaged. For example, an automatic zigzag switch back enabled a model Peruvian railway to climb the Andes. The catalog describes some ways in which the units can be used and combined together. More detailed instructions are supplied with the units.

Our products have these advantages:

To find out more about how our products work and costs, please follow the links on the left.  If you have any other questions regarding our products please email us: SKD Electronics

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